Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I have had a pleasurable few days except for one BIG mistake. I had planned to go to the Papercraft Expo in Brisbane on Monday 13th June because we would be in Queensland while it is on. I have booked and paid for the workshops I wanted to do and also my admission for the day. Ray rang me from work Sunday night to check what time our return flight got into Adelaide so he could let his boss know when he would be available for work. I told him we get home at 2:30pm on Monday. It wasn't till the next day when Ray said to me "don't we usually come home on the Tuesday after the long weekend" that it suddenly hit me that I had booked our return flights for the wrong day. I immediately got on the internet and tried to change the flights to the next day, Virgin wanted an extra $450 to change them. I tried ringing Virgin to see if anything could be done and they wanted $500 to change it over the phone. A quick calculation of the $104 I had paid for the workshops and the $44 I had paid for a Rock n Roll function we were going to attend on the Monday night was a lot less than the $450 to change the flights. I WAS SO ANGRY WITH MYSELF. I have started to accept it now but every time I think about my stupidity I get disappointed.

Anyway I have to get on with things now, no use crying over spilt milk.

Monday morning I had a class with Natalie May to do a book. It is a two part class and she is holding the first class while I am away so she agreed that I could do it Monday morning while she was working. This is a photo of the book that I have copied from her blog.

Tuesday we had Charli for the day and then in the evening we went to the Adelaide Rock n Roll Club. There were not as many people there as usual but it was enjoyable.

I have been furiously working on my 6 x Class Assessments and Major Project for TAFE since Sunday and am glad that I have now finished them all. I will show my lecturer tomorrow what I have done for the Major Project and hopefully it will be good enough.

This afternoon I went and seen Wicked. It was great. So if you get the chance, do yourself a favour and go and see it. Well worth the effort.

This is a photo of a layout I did about a month ago, using some of the chipboard I won from Imaginarium Designs.

A closeup of the tags

and the flowers

I will post a photo of the layout I create using the flowers I won from Nadia's Blog when I get the flowers and do the layout.

Would love to hear from you
Till next time

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