Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I am very happy today, I have just been advised that I can attend TAFE and do a course in Photoshop. I have done several courses at WEA on Photoshop but did not have the program at home so did not get a lot of benefit from them. I do of course have the notes but making myself do something like that at home is just about impossible, I need the routine and structure that comes with a course. I have got the program now and am looking forward to starting tomorrow.

I ordered a poster print 50cm x 60cm of the photo below and it arrived yesterday

so all I need to do now is get a frame for it and mount it on the wall in the lounge room under this photo which is a poster print the same size

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  1. wow Julie that sounds fantastic good luck with the course.. sure would be great to be able to change pics etc... I did a photography course 2 years ago but it went right over my head .... thanks for coming to my class Julie they were a great bunch I thought ?? hope to see you soon, have you had a play with the chipboard yet ?? big hugz x