Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday night and I have been at work today. Yesterday we had Charli for the day and then for the evening while Dave went to see Cold Chisel.

After work I went to Officeworks to get some photos printed and as I was leaving I got a phone call from one of my sisters from Port Lincoln. She had told me she was going to be in Adelaide while we were away on the cruise and for a few days after but with my addled mind I had forgotten. Anyway Ray and I went around to the apartment she is staying at in Glenelg and had a few drinks with her and her partner for a couple of hours this evening. Very enjoyable and relaxing. They went to see Cold Chisel last night as well and another sister is coming from Roxby Downs next Tuesday to go and see them. Everyone I know that has seen them have said what a great show it was...should have went.

Anyway I haven't done any crafty stuff for so long and I am actually finding it hard to get motivated to do any at the moment. I guess the urge will return in it's own good time.

These layouts are all of the garden we used to have at our last home in Hahndorf

The garden was beautiful and Ray spent all day everyday keeping it spick and span. We had 7 acres there and about one acre of it was garden, the upkeep was huge.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Hi everyone

We are home and unpacked, washing done etc.

Had lunch with Cindy today at Henley Square. Very enjoyable.

The Cruise... What can I was great. Ray really enjoyed Dj'ing on the ship. The accommodation was terrific. So much Elvis, they were everywhere, and the show in the Showroom each night was fantastic. Pete Storm was one of the artists and he was the closest thing to Elvis I have ever seen in both looks and voice. Food all day long and as much as you wanted. Plenty of liquid refreshments. Had a Captains tour of the bridge and an invitation to a private cocktail party. The staff were so friendly and nothing was too much trouble. Met lots of new people from all over the country. All of that in 3 days....what more could a girl ask for??? Even had a few dances which was an experience in itself, trying to dance on a floor that moves is very entertaining. Didn't get much reading done I can tell you.
Anyone who is thinking about going next year I thoroughly recommend it.

Some photos:-
The Rhapsody of the Seas in Sydney Harbour on our return.

Ray at the DJ Desk in the Viking Crown Lounge

Ray & I outside the Shall We Dance Lounge where Ray DJ'd and we spent a fair amount of time

Have got lots more photo's and will post a few more as I sort them out.

Ray & I went to the optician this morning and had our eyes tested and got new glasses. I must admit that this is one job I hate doing, it is sooo hard to choose new frames, but it is done now for the next couple of years. Hooray!!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

spray tan...done
Daisy's gear packed...done
babysitting...doing now

All set and ready to take off in the morning. Getting excited................

A few thoughts...
outside my window.. is a big world that I need to go and see
i am thinking.. that I do not want it to be rough weather while we are on the boat
iam thankful..that we are in a position to take advantage of these opportunities as they arise
i am wearing.. my dressing gown over my clothes as I could not be bothered to get a jumper to put on when I got cold
i am going to.. have trouble getting to sleep tonight wondering what I have forgotten
i am currently reading..Scarpetta by Patricia Cornwell
i am hoping...that everything will go smoothly here while we are away
on my mind... cruising
from the kitchen... a huge smoothy with fresh mango and strawberries from the basket of fruit Ray got for doing a charity DJ job last Friday night
around the house... all is quiet, Ray is on his computer, I'm on mine and Charli is asleep
one of my favourite brochures
a few plans for the rest of the week... relaxing, cocktails, dancing and sleeping late
a picture to share... a double layout of Christmas 2007, which was held at our house.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Some friends of mine came around for lunch today to talk about our trip to the UK and Europe next year. We will be leaving for London on the 19th June and spending 3 1/2 weeks in England and Scotland and then over to Europe for a further 4 weeks, so I will be away for quite a while. Ray is not coming and will be batching while I am gone. He should be able to manage, he did it for 6 weeks when I went to Switzerland in 2009.

Time will fly by I know. Late last year Ray was asked to DJ on a cruise in November this year and I thought "That is miles away", well it is here now. We leave on Thursday. I know it is a well worn saying but time really does fly. Next thing I know I will be posting that I am leaving for the UK tomorrow.

We had Charli today and I have to say she is such a beautiful little girl, she entertains herself all day long and never gives us any grief. She plays with her doll, reads it stories, watches Tweety Bird cartoons on the computer and Ray takes her to Beeboppers. We are soooo lucky to have her.

I have not done anything in the craft room for some time now. Life seems to get in my way far too often. I am flat out tomorrow and then we are away on our cruise so no crafting for me for a long time.

This layout showcases a photo of Charli taken 2 years ago

And this double layout is of her when she was just 5 hours old (2008)

Anyway I'm off to see who wins the X Factor.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I forgot to post my layout I did for the Black with 2 Challenge this month. The criteria is Black background with Lime Green & Cream. Check it out HERE.

This is my take. The journaling is on a tag behind the Green with black spot paper. The music note chipboard has been left in its raw state.

I am feeling a bit flat and unmotivated today. I have got christmas card making stuff all over my scrap room and I don't feel like making cards so I think I am going to pack it all up and start with something fresh.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hi there, I know it has been a long time coming but I have finally got a moment to sit and write this post.

The Rock n Roll Festival is over now and what a busy week it was. As part of the RnR festival they have a full day of music at Sunnybrea. It was great, the weather was very kind to us and the surrounds were second to none, plenty of shady trees and the dance floors were in plentiful supply. They had 2 entertainment areas, one for Rock n Roll and one for Rockabilly which ran simultaneously.

On Friday I flew over to Port Lincoln for 24 hours to attend my nieces engagement party. The dress was formal masquerade which added a lot of fun to the night.


My niece

Yesterday was a big catchup day around home and today we had Charli so I never do much when she is here. Tonight I have made up some kits for a card making class I am having on Thursday and tomorrow I am off to work. Can't see much time in there for scrapbooking.

Quite a few of our friends have just got back from the "Rock the Boat" cruise for 7 days, cruising around the pacific. Everyone had a great time from what I have heard so far. I went on a cruise to similar ports a few years ago with some of my sisters and mother. This is a layout I did about one of the ports we called in at.

and in keeping with the Christmas theme these layouts were of the Adelaide Rock n Roll Clubs Christmas dinner in 2007

That's it for this post.
Till next time

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Adelaide Rock n Roll Festival has started and it is flat out for the 9 days that make up the event.

Saturday night we went to the "Fireup" the band was The Cruisers from Mount Gambier and the night was very good. Not too many people there so there was room on the dance floor to dance without getting knocked around. Sunday afternoon was the "Muster" at the Kilkenny RSL. The band was Wild Card which is the country version of The Cruisers. Ray was the DJ and the afternoon was fun. A good turnout but still room to dance. The dance floor there is a good size. Tonight is a night off so I have used the day to catch up on all my household chores as I know I will not feel like doing much around home as the week wears on.

I have made 3 christmas cards but have not photographed them as yet so can't share them with you.
I am going to make some more tonight.

The two pages below are a double layout I did of the "big night", which is the last Saturday night of the festival,  in 2007.

And this one is of Daisy. She was only about 4 or 5 years old here. She is 12 now, but just as cute

These two are of another dance function we attended a couple of years ago. I have used the actual tickets for the journalling

Well off to make some Christmas cards.

Till next time

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I have been to the Quilting and Craft show here in Adelaide this morning. Very disappointing in the papercraft area. There were probably about 5 papercraft stands in total. Anyway it gives me more time at home today to start my Christmas cards as I still have not got around to it.

I did manage to buy some very nice handmade jewellery for my niece who Ray drew in the Secret Santa, and some paints for Charli that are in tubes with the brushes on the end so she won't get in a mess when she paints.

Have not heard anything from Seriously Scrapbooking about a vacancy in the Ingvild Bolme class tonight so I guess I have missed out on that one. Never mind...

Here are some layouts I created sometime ago

This one is a double layout of Charli's first christmas. The parcels and baubles are stamped and embossed and then cut out and mounted on foam tape. The picture in the top page was actually the Christmas Card that Cindy & Dave used that year. The Christmas 2008 and the stars were added to the photo in the second page using Photoshop before it was printed.

Cindy while she was pregnant. She was not very happy about having these photos taken.

Some Christmas cards from previous years

I used my cricut to cut the embellishments on the following 2 cards

The erry Christmas is a rub-on that I made myself.

It's time to stop procrastinating and get started on this years cards. I haven't even counted up how many I need!!!!

Till next time