Monday, November 7, 2011

The Adelaide Rock n Roll Festival has started and it is flat out for the 9 days that make up the event.

Saturday night we went to the "Fireup" the band was The Cruisers from Mount Gambier and the night was very good. Not too many people there so there was room on the dance floor to dance without getting knocked around. Sunday afternoon was the "Muster" at the Kilkenny RSL. The band was Wild Card which is the country version of The Cruisers. Ray was the DJ and the afternoon was fun. A good turnout but still room to dance. The dance floor there is a good size. Tonight is a night off so I have used the day to catch up on all my household chores as I know I will not feel like doing much around home as the week wears on.

I have made 3 christmas cards but have not photographed them as yet so can't share them with you.
I am going to make some more tonight.

The two pages below are a double layout I did of the "big night", which is the last Saturday night of the festival,  in 2007.

And this one is of Daisy. She was only about 4 or 5 years old here. She is 12 now, but just as cute

These two are of another dance function we attended a couple of years ago. I have used the actual tickets for the journalling

Well off to make some Christmas cards.

Till next time

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