Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday night and I have been at work today. Yesterday we had Charli for the day and then for the evening while Dave went to see Cold Chisel.

After work I went to Officeworks to get some photos printed and as I was leaving I got a phone call from one of my sisters from Port Lincoln. She had told me she was going to be in Adelaide while we were away on the cruise and for a few days after but with my addled mind I had forgotten. Anyway Ray and I went around to the apartment she is staying at in Glenelg and had a few drinks with her and her partner for a couple of hours this evening. Very enjoyable and relaxing. They went to see Cold Chisel last night as well and another sister is coming from Roxby Downs next Tuesday to go and see them. Everyone I know that has seen them have said what a great show it was...should have went.

Anyway I haven't done any crafty stuff for so long and I am actually finding it hard to get motivated to do any at the moment. I guess the urge will return in it's own good time.

These layouts are all of the garden we used to have at our last home in Hahndorf

The garden was beautiful and Ray spent all day everyday keeping it spick and span. We had 7 acres there and about one acre of it was garden, the upkeep was huge.

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