Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A normal day today, went into the city this morning with Ray and had a good look at the iMac 27" computer, a real thing of beauty. As I am a student at TAFE now I qualify for a student price. Wow I thought, but the savings was only $120, still that's $120 I can spend on something else. So I have ordered my new computer and I will get it late next week as I have upgraded the processor, the RAM and the hard drive and it will take 2-4 days to build then a few days for delivery right to my door. Cindy & Dave are buying me the latest version of Photoshop for my christmas & birthday present. I pick that up tomorrow and I will be all set.

Last night we watched a DVD call "Wild Hogs" what a laugh. Thanks Wendy.

We have got Charli staying with us tonight. Hope she doesn't wake up too early tomorrow, anytime from 7 will be OK as I am going to work in the morning before I go to TAFE and want to be at work by 8:30.

Daisy seems to be progressing nicely, she is putting more weight on her leg and seems to be in very high spirits. I am pretty sure we have avoided disaster on this occasion but we are still keeping a very close reign on her and not letting her run around or go for a walk.

I did this layout about a month ago. What would I scrapbook if I didn't have a grand-daughter!!!!!!

Thanks for looking

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