Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ahhh kids

The other weekend when I was in Whyalla with Cindy & Charli, Cindy reminded me of a recipe I used to make when she was a child, saying she could remember the chicken dish with the chips (crisps) on top.
I had forgotten about the dish and when she said that I thought, yes I remember that dish, it was very nice.
So I went out and bought the ingredients and thought I would see if Cindy, Dave & Charli wanted to stay for tea on Tuesday night when they came to pick Charli up. During the day on Monday, Cindy happened to mention that after being in Melbourne for 5 days she was glad to be spending some time at home monday night to get things sorted out. When I heard that I thought that perhaps this Tuesday night would not be a good night for them to stay for tea. As they were leaving on Tuesday evening I mentioned what I had planned to do and that I had changed my mind because they obviously wanted to spend some time at home. Cindy said to me, "I didn't say I had pleasant memories of that dish Mum, I didn't like it." So there you go, a good example of how 2 people interpret the same conversation. It just makes you wonder how often in your everyday life you interpret something differently from the way it was intended.

I have not set foot outside the house today. I have spent quite a bit of time on the internet. Then I did some work on my Assignment for TAFE. I got a pass for the test I did last week. There is only a pass or fail for these tests.

Here is the 2nd and 3rd page of my Book Of Me. It is about things around home that make us happy or we are grateful for.

I am going to go and start a new layout now.

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