Monday, March 14, 2011

So much to tell you about.....

But firstly and most imortantly.. I picked the first tomato off of my tomato bush tonight. Yay, I am very pleased with myself. Ray, Charli & I will eat it tomorrow, I bet it will be delicious.

Have taken it pretty easy today. Done the washing and had brunch with Ray, Cindy, Dave and Charli at Zoot at Henley Square, then a walk along the jetty. Spent the afternoon finishing The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet Nest. Enjoyed all three in the series. Too bad there won't be any more.

On Friday morning I flew to Melbourne with Sharyn for a few days. Friday night we went to see the Mary Poppins musical. It was excellent.
Saturday we spent the day shopping on Bridge Road. They are replacing the tram line on Bridge Road at the moment so that made it hard to get there and to move around, plus it was very noisy but that did not deter us, we shopped until the shops closed.

I was lucky enough to buy a dress to wear to the Rock n Roll Ball. That is that job off my list.

On Sunday we went for quiet a long walk around the city and one of the parks on the outskirts of the city block and I took some photos for my course. I am going to load them onto my computer this evening and see if I got anything I can use. We also had a look around David Jones and Myer and in David Jones I found a long sleeve bolero to match the dress I had bought on Saturday, how lucky was that. When I have my shower tonight I will try the two on together and see if I like them.

I am half way through a layout about Ray and his "toys", but I have a pretty busy week this week as I am going to Whyalla to visit Mum for the weekend next Friday so don't know how much time I will get to finish it off. Cindy and Charli are coming too, I am looking forward to it.

Time to do the lunch dishes and get started on a few other things around here
So till next time

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