Sunday, April 10, 2011

A great lazy day for me today. Started with a sleep-in then a lazy breakfast while looking at a scrapbooking magazine, 30 minutes on the treadmill then a leisurely shower. Caught up on my paperwork and finalised all our bookings for Coolly Rocks On. Cooked lunch for Ray before he headed off to work and then spent an hour on the phone to Mum.

I am going to finish the day off with some revision of my Photoshop course, and some scrappin' if I can fit it in.

Friday I went over to Glenelg and bought 2 tops and a tunic at Casual Image. I always find something I like at that shop. Then on the way home I bought 2 pairs of Leggings, a cardigan and a necklace making a very successful shopping day.

Friday night we went to Legends and heard Angelo Zotti entertain, he is a very good singer and I enjoyed his brackets. When he was not singing he played CD's which were a bit fast for my liking but he has to cater to all tastes. Ray and I did have a few dances though so that always make for a more enjoyable time.

Saturday morning we had brunch with Cindy, Dave & Charli after Charli had finished her Fairy Ballet. Very enjoyable. Later we went out to Rob & Jacqui's to celebrate Rob's 60th Birthday.

Here is the next page of my Book Of Me. Ray & I retired 16 years ago (although from time to time I get a job just to keep me in touch with what is happening in the "everyday" world, as was the case at the time this page was created) and people always ask me what I do with myself all day. I never know what to say to that as the days go by so quickly and I never seem to have enough time to do all the things I want to. This next layout is about one week of my life in July last year.

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