Monday, April 25, 2011

What fantastic weather we have had for Easter. Ray and I have spent the holiday period in Whyalla, visiting my Mother, 2 x Sisters and Brother. A surprise visit by my Sister from Roxby Downs was a highlight.

I have spent the 5 days doing nothing much except relaxing, eating and drinking. I will certainly have to get on that treadmill with a vengance to make up for all the extra calories.

Ray & I went to one of the local hotels for the Whyalla Musician's Reunion, many of the bands that played in Whyalla between the mid 60's through to the mid 90's were there playing the songs they played when they were in their prime. It was very interesting and we saw quite a few people we knew from back then. Even had a couple of dances.

One thing though, I am looking forward to doing some scrapbooking, so will be doing some of that very soon.

Till next time

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