Saturday, May 28, 2011

Another perfect day in Port Douglas. Weather 27 degrees and sunny.

Yesterday we went for a drive in the Atherton Tableland.. The sceenery is fantastic especially the rain forest. In all the travelling Ray and I have done rainforests are probably my favourite habitat. We had lunch at the Sunbury Coffee Plantation and then went on a tour of Jacques Coffee Plantation. Very interesting, I had never seen coffee bushes or the coffee fruit before.

This is the view while we were having lunch

and this is the cafe section of Jacques Coffee Plantation

This photo was taken at a lookout we stopped at on the way down to Cairns through the hills

We then went to Cazaley's in Cairns. We had a nice tea and listened to the band Kick Start. They played mostly 70's music which I loved. We had quite a few dances. Ray was kept very busy between Sharyn and I.

Today is a rest day. The last couple of days of Carnivale are happening here this weekend, so will probably go to one of their events tonight.

I have to download some photos from my camera onto the computer here at the resort so will post them shortly. Ohh Noooo, I have just tried to put my photo's onto this computer but it does not have the facilities to do that so will have to post photos when they have got the internet connections to the rooms fixed and I can use my own computer. They say it will probably be Monday or Tuesday befor that will happen.

Will post again in a few days
Till then

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