Sunday, May 15, 2011

Once again it is Sunday night and Ray is at work. The weeks just disappear don't they?

I have not been doing any scrapping or card making at home, since I finished my mini book but yesterday I went to a class with Heather Jacob and created the mini book shown here. It was a great class and we got everything done without rushing. Love the work Heather does so neat and detailed.

Friday night we went to Legends Rock and Roll Club. The band was Blue Comets and they were quite good. Had quite a few dances and enjoyed the night as a whole.

Last night we just could not be bothered going out. Ray has done something to his hip and wanted to take it easy so we went to the Video shop and got The Tourist. We enjoyed a relaxing night and the movie.

I got some photos printed the other day of Charli and also some of our friends at the Rock n Roll Rendezvous at Birdwood. I love this one of Charli, it will be appearing in a layout soon.

I am concentrating on my Photoshop assignments at the moment. I have just finished the 4 class assessments we had to do and I am going to start on the second Major project tonight. We have to create a poster advertising the Adelaide Cabaret Festival with Jazz as the theme. I have been looking for jazz images everywhere and have scanned a few I have found in various places and I have also found some on the internet. I have to start work on the design tonight so will be spending some time browsing for layout ideas. I need to have this finished by 24th May so have to get cracking with it.

Would love to hear any comments you would like to make
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