Monday, May 30, 2011

Second post for the day.

This morning we went to the Wildlife Habitat for breakfast and a look around.

This pair of Frog-mouths were probably my favourites

and this is Sharyn and I sitting in front of them. They were in the entry area for the breakfast.

We also saw this huge crocodile, I estimate it was at least 15 feet long

and this huge thing started off like this

This afternoon we did a bit of food shopping and then went to see the feeding of "George" the Groper at one of the seaside bars here. We arrived at 4 and the feeding was at 5,so that called for a couple of champagnes during the wait. Sitting at an outdoor bar that overhangs the sea watching the boats coming in from the reef, sun shining on us, very relaxing. I must admit the sun was very hot and quite glary (if there is such a word) but it was a delight non the less.

I did take some photos but they did not do the 10 foot groper justice. George has been joined by two smaller gropers now, each of which would be about 6 foot long.

Home for a night of internet, reading and relaxing.
I have added some photos to previous posts so you might want to check them out.
Hope you are enjoying whatever it is you are doing.

Till next time

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