Sunday, July 3, 2011

It has been quite cold here and I have not felt like doing much at all. The compression stockings are annoying me and I will be glad to get them off. Luckily I do not have to wear them while sleeping so there is some relief. Only 3 days to go. Yaaayyyy.

Anyway enough of the grizzling.

Friday night we went to Legends Rock n Roll Club. The band was the Kreole Band and they played a lot of Elvis song. We did not do much dancing but we did catch up with some of our friends who we had not seen for a while.

Saturday morning we went to Charli's Fairy Ballet concert. She was Peta in Peta and the Rabbits and she was very cute. These photos was taken before the performance. She did very well with her performance and stuck mostly to the script.

Saturday night neither Ray nor I felt like going out so we had a nice night at home and a reasonably early night.

Today has been a lazy one as well. I think I am going to do the ironing and watch TV tonight while Ray is at work.

The two layouts below are from my Tasmanian album and are of a place called The Wall in the Wilderness. If you go to Tasmania DO NOT MISS IT. It is a hand carved scene in a wall of wood that will be 100 meters long depicting a scene from the early days in Tasmania. It is being created by Greg Duncan. It is on the Lyell Highway near Derwent Bridge. I would have loved to have bought a piece of his work but it was out of my price range.

Till next time

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