Saturday, September 10, 2011

Aaahhh it has been a busy week.

My Mum came to stay with us on Tuesday and went home Friday so I spent all of the time she was here with her, we did a bit of shopping and a bit of catching up and the time just disappeared so the first thing I new of this week was Friday afternoon.

Friday night we went to Legends Rock n Roll Club. A pretty average night but we did at least catch up with some friends we had not seen for some time.

This afternoon I had my class at Camelot and another new lady has joined the group. We had a pleasant afternoon and I think everyone was happy with the layout they took home. I have posted some more of my layouts on Camelot's web page under classes. You can see them here.

Ray has got a sore throat and has had since last Monday so he did not feel like going out tonight as there was nothing different or exciting to go to so we decided to stay home. I hope he is feeling better soon because being sick is no fun.

Off to plan my next layout
Till next time

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