Monday, September 19, 2011

We have been away for the weekend.

On Friday morning we headed off to Horsham in Victoria for their Rock n Roll festival.

The dance on friday night had the theme of Hairspray the Musical, it was great to see the trouble some people had gone to to dress for the theme. The band was Sweet Rock and they were great.

Saturday during the afternoon we went to Old Dadswell Town. This is a collection of huts that are decorated in different themes and are rented out as accomodation. They were all booked out except for one so we had a look in that and then the people who were staying in two of the other units let us have a look in them. They were very nicely done and it would be a great place for a group of people to book all the units and have a function in the large communal room. They also had a lot of memorabilia from the 30's 40's 50's and 60's in another building for everyone to look at. Devonshire afternoon tea finished the trip off nicely.

The dance on Saturday night was held in the same hall as Friday night and the two bands were Sweet Rock and The Cruisers. Non-stop music all night. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I did take some photos but have not downloaded them onto the computer as yet so will add them to this post later.

I think we will probably go again next year, depending on which bands they have.

Last night after we had unpacked, had tea etc. I checked the blogs I visit and was very excited to see I had been the first draw for a prize over at My Creative Sketches. That made me one very happy girl!!!!!

My sister and her husband and daughter are coming to stay with us tonight. Looking forward to catching up with them. I am going to make Lasagna for tea, I have not made it for quite some time so here's hoping I can remember how to.

Anyway, I should get on with things I s'pose. I have been sitting at this computer for an hour and a half now so had better get moving

Till next time

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