Monday, October 31, 2011

I am having a bad computer day today... Each year I create a calendar for my family and give it to them as a christmas gift. I use Snapfish to do this and today was the day for getting the calendar organised and ordered. The calendar is a template that you can personalise with your own photos and various backgrounds and is simple to assemble once you have decided which photos to use and uploaded them to Snapfish. Well I had mine 99% finished this afternoon and then the website went into meltdown and I thought I had lost all of my work. I tried to re-load it several times and it just kept timing out. In disgust I turned the whole thing off and went and prepared and ate tea. When I got back onto the computer thinking that I would have to start all over again up it came, almost like I left it so it only took me about 45mins to finish it off.  I am glad to get that off my list of things to do as they have a special rate effective until 2nd November which cuts the price in half.

some thoughts:-

Outside my window it is pitch black but the sun today has generated 19kwh of electricity for me
I am thinking about making some Christmas cards. I have not started yet
I am thankful for every day I get to do exactly what I want to
I am wearing 3/4 track pants and a tshirt because I actually got on my treadmill today
I am going to take Charli to Beeboppers tomorrow because Ray is going to work on the scooters
I am currently reading The Summons by John Grisham
I am hoping that kids will call and collect all of the chocolate I have in the cupboard for Halloween because I know that if there is any left I will eat it.
On my mind.. I rang Seriously Scrapbooking today to see if I could get into the Ingvild Bolme class on Thursday night. They said they would put me on the list if anyone cancels. Why did I leave it to the last minute????
From the kitchen..Nothing... but thinking about the chocolate
Around the house.. Ray has just come in from his shed where he is modifying his DJ equipment so he can use a laptop instead of a CD player
One of my favourite things... A nice hot shower
A few plans for the rest of the week..A day with Charli tomorrow, maybe the RnR Club tomorrow night, some card making, a bit of scrapbooking, and walking on my treadmill everyday
A picture to share... A layout of Charli when she was a baby

Till next time

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