Thursday, February 9, 2012

Oh dear what has happened to my life. I haven't got time to scratch myself.

I bought an iPad about a week or so ago and I have spent sooo much time playing with it. I have got 5 scrabble games going with my sisters not to mention the other solo games that are on it. Love Sudoko.

Charli loves it and I have got quite a few games on it for her.

That aside, I have been busy with other things as well. We have spent some time with Charli at her swimming lesson and then she spent the night with us on Monday, woke us up at 6:15am Tuesday, took her to Pianorama (piano lessons) and then bike riding to the park in the afternoon. Tuesday night we went to the Adelaide Rock n Roll club but I was so tired we came home early.

Wednesday I spent the morning at the hairdressers, went for a bit of a wispy look.

Whoops, I've got my crooked mouth on here. Self portraits are always hard.

I started my new TAFE course Wednesday evening. I am doing the advanced Photoshop course that follows on from the course I did last year.

Today I forgot to go for a 2 hour pamper pack that Cindy gave me, luckily when I rang them they agreed to let me re-schedule. Very lucky. I must remember to check my diary every day!!!! Ray & I went into the city this morning and had lunch with Cindy.

When I got home I fiddled around with the new camera I bought this morning. It is a Panasonic DMC-TZ20, I stuck with a compact camera because I want to take it with me when I go overseas later this year. I have got a busy travel schedule this year. Kangaroo Island in March, United Kingdom and Europe mid June to mid August and Vietnam in October. I am going to be away for about 3 months in total so my camera will get plenty of use.

Haven't had time to do any crafty stuff.

Thanks for dropping by.
Till next time

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