Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More photos for the Photo A Day for April

3. Mail - I usually get heaps of mail and reams of junk mail but because I wanted to take a photo of it I have got nothing. Instead I have got a photo of my letterbox where all the mail is collected from.

4. Someone who makes you happy. Today that someone is Daisy.

I have spent the day doing nothing today. I seem to have way too many of those days lately. I start off with good intentions but end up spending too much time on my iPad or blog hopping or as in today watching programs that I had recorded. I had promised myself I would get up to date with my TAFE projects today but I have not even looked at that. I am going to start now. I have got TAFE tonight and then 2 weeks off. I have to have my Major Assignment finished by the beginning of lesson first week back after the Easter holidays. Better get onto it.

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