Saturday, May 26, 2012

I am at home on a Saturday night once again. I don't know what is happening but I am going to blame the cold wet weather. It is so hard to get motivated to go out when it is so warm and comfortable here at home.

Also in my defence a lot of our friends are either away or not feeling the best and of course the Crows are playing tonight.

My Mum is here with us for a few days and my sister and her husband have been here and just went home this morning.

We did go to Legends Rock n Roll Club last night, Rave On were playing and it was quite good.

I had my class at Camelot this afternoon with 6 ladies attending. Unfortunately I have only got 2 more classes before I go away. The ladies seem quite keen to get together while I am away and keep their momentum going. I really enjoy saturday afternoons with the ladies.

I have finished all of my TAFE work except for the last major assignment. I have not had a chance to do anything towards it with my visitors here. Mum goes home Monday morning so I will be spending Monday, Monday night, Tuesday night and Wednesday day time to get something to take to TAFE on Wednesday night to see what the lecturer thinks in case it is not good enough and I have to do something  else. I have to have it handed in by the following Wednesday.

I have not got any new crafty stuff to show you so I am sharing some layouts that are a few years old. Isn't it amazing how we change....

This layout shows our friends house that we stay at when we go to the Riverland. It is a great house with fantastic views. It is going on the market soon so I guess our days of staying there are numbered.

These layouts are of the River Torrens in flood in 2005. We live pretty close to the River and Ray walks Daisy along there every day. I really love that we live this close to the river but I do not make full use of the facilities there. I wish I was keener on exercise......

This layout is about a gift that Cindy and Dave gave Ray & I when we had been looking after Charli on a Tuesday for one year. It was a complete surprise to us and shows just how thoughtful she is

These photos were taken at Tulka which is about 6km south of Port Lincoln. Mum had a holiday house there for over 20 years and we have spent some great time there. She has sold it now and lives in Whyalla. Ray and I spent 3 or 4 weeks there between spending a year travelling up the east coast of Australia followed by a year travelling up the west coast of Australia. We came home for Christmas and spent a bit of time with family and friends between the two. Anyway while we were there, there was a king tide and these photos show how high the water was.

I am off to enter some contact details onto my iPad so I can email people while I am away.

3 weeks on Monday before I leave

Thanks for dropping by
Till next time

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