Saturday, June 30, 2012

Don't know how long this Internet is going to last but hopefully until I get this post finished. Last night we went to the Atholl Arms Hotel for tea
The bar we ate in is very old.
We have had a quiet day today, walked around the village. It is very small. This is one of the highland cows that greet us as we walk out of the caravan park
This is the River Tilt that we walk over to go to the general store
We also visited the water mill. They actually still grind flour here.
I had to go and pay for another half hour of Internet as I did not get the post finished. I am disappointed that my Internet is not working up here but I am sure it will be fine when we get to Cambridge on Monday. It is raining here now, quite heavily, and I am going to get wet going back to the van. Because the weather was quite nice when I came down here I did not bring my rain coat or umbrella. Tomorrow Anne and I are going to catch the bus to Pitlochry and have a look around there. Thanks for dropping bye Till next time Cheers Julie

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