Saturday, June 9, 2012

I have to tell I am really over all this technology stuff...

I have still not found a way to post reasonable sized photos on this blog. I have found "you tube video" on how to do it in another blogging program but not with Blogspot. I will just have to keep working at it and try even harder to find a way of doing it otherwise all my well laid plans will be flying out the window.

Anyway on to other stuff..

I had my last class with the ladies at Camelot this afternoon until I get back. The time just flew as usual. I hope they get together while I am away and keep on with their layouts.

I have finished a layout for my Switzerland album. I have painted the background card with watered down acrylic paint and this has caused it to buckle. I think I will have to attach it to a sheet of card to try and flatten it out although now that it is in the album it seems to have flattened out OK. The diary entry for the day is attached to the back of the tag.

Last night I packed my case to make sure all of my clothes etc would fit in and see if I was over weight but to my surprise everything fitted just fine and I was about 17kg of a 20kg allowance so I am pretty happy with that.

It is freezing cold here today. I am looking forward to going to the summer weather. It seemed strange packing short-sleeved light weight clothes in my case while I was rugged up with trousers, jumper and ugg boots last night. Couldn't help myself, had to throw in a few "warm things"

I think I have just about got everything under control now, only a couple of small jobs to do next week and then I am set.

I am going to start work on a new layout tonight. We have decided to stay at home because we cannot be bothered going out in the cold. Must be getting old hey...

Anyway thanks for dropping by
Till next time

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