Monday, July 9, 2012

Unfortunately things have changed over here. Anne received news yesterday that her father had passed away. We spent the day yesterday changing her flight so she could fly back to Sydney today. This morning we drove her to Heathrow and she is on her way home now. She will attend to things in Sydney and then fly to Zurich to join us there when she can. I feel very sad for her as I know she thought a great deal of her father. On a purely selfish note I am going to miss her accompanying me on my sightseeing ventures around London. I hope everything goes smoothly for her when she gets back to Australia and she can rejoin us soon. When Anne was booked in at Heathrow I caught the train to London and spent the day looking around. I must admit I was a bit nervous about doing this on my own but everything went very well. I bought a two day ticket for the Big Bus Tour around London. It is a get off get back on thing so you can do your sightseeing. I also bought tickets to Madame Tussauds and the Tower of London for today. I got a passerby to take this photo of me with Marilyn in the wax works. There were heaps of people there and the queues to get in we're a mile long but because I had prepurchased my ticket I didn't have to queue for very long at all. They showed a 4d short film in there as well. It was fantastic. Took heaps of photos of the exhibits but just too many to post here.
At the Tower of London I did an hour tour with a guide which was very informative. Then I went and viewed the Crown Jewels. No photos though as you are not permitted to take photos in there.
I came across these animals in the yard of the tower. They are made of chicken wire
I also did a cruise down the River Thames. This building was one of the new ones that we passed. Glass and mirror, very impressive.
Well I am tired after my big day and I am going back tomorrow to see Kensington Palace and go on the London Eye. If I get time I would also like to visit the Museum of London, will have to wait and see how the rain holds off and the time needed to do the other two attractions. I know the London Eye only takes half an hour so hopefully will be able to fit the museum in. It's off to bed for me now, it's 10:30pm here and I am looking forward to a good nights sleep. Thanks for dropping by Till next time Cheers Julie

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