Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas has arrived at our place.

I spent the day yesterday putting up the Christmas Tree

It took me an hour to get to this stage

Then four hours after that I had this

and with the lights turned on

Every year I say I am going to buy a new christmas tree that is easier to erect but once again I didn't

Last Sunday we went to the Uraidla Hot Rod Show. I am not really into cars but they had the Lincolns playing there and I really like this band so I was happy to go along and have a few dances.

A couple of the cars in a nice shady spot

The beautiful surrounds. What a great place to hold something like this. It was held at the Uraidla Oval. The cars were on the oval and spotted throughout the surrounding shady area.

Some of the guitars that Dave Gartland had on display. He makes these guitars. Fantastic workmanship

Well I got my christmas cards posted out today so I am on track with my Christmas tasks.

Till next time
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