Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I have finished Charli's Birthday Banner. I seem to have been working on this for ages but in reality the amount of time it has actually taken is not that great.

Anyway here it is. The colour scheme was decided by her invitations and the fact that it is a water themed party. The individual pennants will tie together using the blue spotter ribbon which has been put through eyelets at the top of each pennant. The rectangular pennants have a photo of her at each of her birthday parties, except 5 of course, which was taken at her Kindy concert in December.

The triangular pennants are fillers and have assorted decorations on them. So the sequins will be rectangular, triangular etc...

Thought I would also show you my magnificent tomato plant. I am very happy with the way it is going and you can see it has already got tomatoes on it. I have to drag it in under the verandah on these very hot days (like tomorrow. 42 degrees) but it seems to be happy at the moment. I do have a bit of a problem with the little white flying insects and even though I put tomato dust on them the little bugs keep coming back....grrrrr

Now that the banner is finished I seem to be at a bit of a loss as to what to do next. I guess I could do the ironing and clean the hand basins in the bathrooms if I get really desperate.

Perhaps I will share a few thoughts

outside my window...It is a beautiful evening and Ray has gone to take Daisy for a walk along the Torrens. Should have went with them.

I am thinking...I wish I wasn't so lazy and that I enjoyed exercise but unfortunately it is something I have to push myself to do and I don't push very often.

I am thankful for life. I have a very charmed life and sometimes I forget that

I am wearing... 3/4 black slacks, burgundy, black and grey top and no shoes

I am going to....make some scones, mini chocolate mud cupcakes, and jelly cups with lollies in them  for Charli's birthday party

I am currently reading.... Scrapbooking magazines. I have not started a new book yet but that could be something I do tonight.

I am pondering...what my next scrapbooking/art project will be

I am hoping...that the weather stays good for the weekend

On my mind...not much at the moment

from the kitchen...passionfruit and mango yoghurt

around the house...all is well. Peaceful and relaxing

a few plans for the week... Tanunda street party, Charli's birthday party, dinner with Charli and Cindy.

one of my favourite thing.... at the moment..Crown Mints!!!!

Well this is a very long post so if you have got right down here thanks for sticking with me

Till next time
Thanks for dropping by

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