Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Life is a blur...time is just whizzing by.

Today I taught 2 one-on-one scrap booking classes, the first for 3 hours this morning and then a 2 hour one this afternoon. A good day.

I made a couple of cards the other day ready for my lady that likes to make cards in my Saturday class at Camelot. This is her second lesson and I think she is enjoying it.

I have been looking around for some ideas for another mini album over the last few days, still haven't made up my mind what to make.

I am still going to Yogalaties twice a week and still enjoying it. I have not done any walking this week though.

I am going to Whyalla with Cindy and Charli on friday. Hoping to take them both out on my sisters boat to see the dolphins. I took these photos last time I was there.

This is me feeding the dolphin. Hopefully Charli and Cindy will get the opportunity to do that this trip.

Just beautiful.

A few thoughts to share

outside my is quite cool and it has been raining off and on today. We definitely needed the rain and I am enjoying the break from the hot weather.

i am thinking...about yogalaties tomorrow, a new craft project, doing some of my on-line art many things to do and so little time

i am thankful for...not having to go to work and loose most of my day.

i am wearing...jeans, T-shirt, cardigan and ugg boots

i am going to...enjoy the next week

i am reading...Dead Simple by James Patterson

i am next craft project

i am hoping...the drive to Whyalla goes well. It will be the first long distance (4 - 4.5 hours) car trip for Charli.

i am creating...hoping to start a mini-book within the next week. Just trying to decide what format it will take.

on my mind...Weekend in Whyalla

from the Ginger Beer

around the house...we had a ceiling fan fitted in our bedroom this week. Very timely, we have used it just about every night since it went in.

one of my favourite things...soft serve ice-cream

a few plans for the rest of the week...reading, packing, shopping and cooking and hopefully a lot of crafting

one picture to share...a strangler vine in the rainforest on Lifou. This photo was taken on a day trip while we were on a cruise of the pacific in 2006.

Thanks for dropping by
Till next time

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