Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ray had a car accident yesterday but luckily he seems to be OK. He was stopped at a stop light when a car hit him in the back pushing him into the 1 tonne ute in front of him. He was taken to hospital by ambulance and checked out but they assured us that there was no major damage and that he should recover fully in time. He has pain in his lower back and finds it a bit difficult to walk but tells me he is feeling a little better today than he was yesterday so I can only hope that he continues to improve.

This is the album I have been working on at Camelot for the last 2 saturdays. I gave it to my niece today as a gift for the birth of her daughter. The album hold 54 photos and measures 10" x 12". I am disappointed with the photographs. I took them last night, inside and they are very dull. The only one that is really colour true is the cover which I took outside today.

This album has been adjusted from instructions I purchased from Kathy Files at www.paperphenomenom.com
I found the original folio was a very tight fit and have adjusted some of the measurements to make it a little more "crafter friendly". I just loved this folio when I first saw it on youtube and have made quite a few of them now.

This is the front cover when the album is shut. I usually use ribbon to decorate the front but I could not find ribbon to match this paper so used cardstock instead. I have used Kaisercraft Secret Bird Society and Distracted paper ranges for this project.

When you open the covers you see a centre section that has 6 pockets. The pockets on the left have the photo mats on them and the ones on the right don't in this photo. Each of the pockets have a photo mat inside as well 

The photo flap on each side opens out to reveal 3 pockets that have photo mats in them.

When you open the 2 sets of pockets in the middle it shows a large photo mat that will take a 7" x 5" Landscape photo. The mat on this looks crooked but it must be the angle of the photo or something as it is actually straight.

 And the large photo mat opens up to show 3 more pockets that hold 6 more photo mats.

There is a lot of work in these albums but totally worth it I think

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