Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year to everyone who is reading this.

I have been very quiet on here for about 6 or so weeks as I have just not felt the urge to do any creative stuff.

I have made a card for my friend's birthday. It is an easel card and I quite enjoyed making it so hopefully the urge to make paper things will return in full force very soon.

I have set myself the task of cleaning out my scrapping room and getting rid of all the things in my stash that I will not use as part of the problem of getting into a project is being overwhelmed with the sheer bulk of supplies in my stash and wanting to use them all and then loosing interest when I can't decide what to use.

Last year on the 1/1/13 I took a photo of myself and posted it here on the blog and said I would take another photo on 1/1/14 so I could see what changes the year had made. This is the photo from this morning in Black and white and in colour

And this is the photo from 1/1/13.
I prefer my hair cut in 2013 photo so will have to talk to my hairdresser about that.

While I was having my shower yesterday morning I started thinking about the things that had happened in 2013. I turned 60, Charli started school, I had laser eye surgery to correct my long vision, We celebrated our Ruby wedding anniversary, I had a cancer removed from my nose. We spent 3 weeks in Port Douglas/Coolangatta. Cindy celebrated her 40th birthday.
The year was so busy and yet they are really the only things that happened. I guess living just fills in the rest of the time.

Thanks for dropping by
Till next time

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  1. I love the card you made, the colours are gorgeous. Too many supplies *can* be a bit stifling, sadly enough!
    BTW I got here via cjs14; it's nice to meet you and read your blog.