Friday, August 19, 2016

Birthday Card and Book

Hi there
It is a friend's birthday next week and i have been busy making her a card and a photo book.

This is the card and I have used the same range of papers on her card as I used in the book. The are a variety of Kaiser papers.

For the book I used an old novel that I bought from the Op Shop. I cut the story out of the book just using the cover. I wound Cloth Tape (Duct tape) around the spine of the book to give it some extra strength. I made up 3 signatures using 10 sheets of double sided patterned paper, giving each signature 20 pages. As it turned out this was too many for this sized book and I only had room to decorate the first and last signature otherwise the book would never have closed.

I covered the outside and inside of the cover with patterned paper leaving the tape on the spine exposed. Depending on the cover of the book you use you could leave this step out.
I then used fishing line to bind the signature into the cover

Then the task of decorating the pages. Some of the pages have pockets but most of them have tabs to slip the photo behind. I have used a sewing theme as my friend does her own dressmaking.

The cover

The page on the left has a little booklet on it that will hold 3 photos

I made this dress out of patterned paper using instructions I saw on youtube. Unfortunately I did not note the name of the person who posted the video.

The page on the left once again has a little booklet. This one holds 4 photos and there is a journalling card at the back of the booklet

 Wow that is a very long post. If you have made it this far thank you.

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