Thursday, February 9, 2017

Cricut Cut Card

Hi there

Today I am sharing a card I have made using my Cricut. A friend gave me a beautiful finely cut card for my birthday that she had purchased and it gave me the idea for this card.

The card she gave me was a delicate design of a dessert trolley which was tied at the top in one spot.

I could not find any fine patterns in the Cricut Cartridges I own so I used this design just to try it out.

The Cricut also cut out the plain shape at the back of the card to correspond with the detailed cut.

There are lots you could do with this basic card.... you could put a different coloured card as the background, you could colour the flowers, you could cut the design in different colours and make a collage. All good food for thought there.

I put a couple of eyelets through the back of the card so the ribbon is held in place and does not slip around.

I am going to start looking around now for some other designs I could use for this style of card. I will also be checking out dies that might be able to be used like this.

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