Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yesterday we spent the day with Charli. Took her to Bee Boppers in the morning and then after her sleep just spent time with her, teaching her how to ride her bike and playing.
Today I spent a little bit of time on my Book Of Me page that I have not finished from last month but did not get very far with it.
Cindy went to help one of her friends out this afternoon so Ray & I looked after Charli for a few hours, more bike riding, she seems to have taken to it with a vengance. She fell of it a week ago and decided that she did not want a bike anymore but she has changed her mind now.
Ray is DJ'ing at the Anzano Club tonight so thought I would get a bit more scrapbooking done but have spent the night on the telephone and internet. Ahh well that's life

Thanks for looking

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