Thursday, April 7, 2011

I have just about finished my WW1 layout, just waiting for the Dimensional Glaze on the alphas to dry properly, then stick them on and it is done.

Have had a pretty quiet week. Spent the day with Charli on Tuesday, yesterday I went over to the opticians and bought a pair of reading glasses. My current glasses are multi-focal and with my new 27" computer screen I get a stiff neck because I have to tip my head back on a ridiculous angle to be able to see out of the bottom section of my glasses that has the part for reading. I just have to wait a week now for them to be ready and then hopefully my problems with stiff necks will be over.

Today my nephew came and picked up a set of kids play table and chairs my sister bought for her grandchildren. He just got back from Bali and looked pretty relaxed and cheerful.

I went to TAFE today, next week is the last week of this term, that 10 weeks went so quickly!!!!

This is the next page in my album. It is about things I learned from my parents. The journaling for these pages is printed on transparency and does not photograph too well. It discolours the paper behind the transparency. I don't know how to fix that, so if anyone reading this knows how to, please leave me a comment with instructions on how it is done.

Mum is still with us, she is 78 now and still very healthy and living on her own. Dad passed away 23 years ago at only 54.

Till next time

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