Monday, April 4, 2011

Once again I am reminded of what good friends I have. Thanks again to Wendy & Lindsay for taking me to a fro to Frank's birthday celebrations on Sunday afternoon. The weather was fantastic, the food was laid on and the company was great. A fantastic recipe for Frank's 70th birthday celebration held in Jan's backyard.

Saturday night we went to the Fun Dancers 3rd birthday celebration (seems to be the weekend for birthday's). It was held at the Deborah Kaye Centre in Salisbury East. The venue was very pretty and the video clips that were running all night were exceptional. They were of all the artists of the 50's singing their hit songs of the era. There was partner dancing and rock n roll on the dance floor throughout the evening, so there was something for everyone. I must congratulate Russell on the excellent job of putting the clips together.

I have spent the day today doing housework, not something I generally put a lot of time into but Ray has been working a lot of shifts on the scooters so I thought I would do a bit around the house so he can have a bit of spare time.

I am going to start on my White With One challenge tonight as I did not do any scrapping over the weekend.

Here is the next page from my Book Of Me album, it is a page about my favourite things.

Also this is the card I made for Frank. As I said before it is a copy of one I did in a class with Heather Jacob.
This is the front

This is the back

and this is the inside

That is quite a long post so till next time
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