Thursday, June 9, 2011

We have been very busy for the last 2 days doing not much.

Each morning we have a nice cold beer looking out over the ocean in the sunshine and watch the cars and people go by. Then we generally do a bit of shopping and have a look around before going out for dinner and dancing each night.

We have seen some excellent bands.

Last night we had everyone around to our appartment for dinner before going out. That was good fun. Deb cooked up Spaghetti Bolognaise, which was delicious and everyone had a good  laugh. After dinner we went to Dolphins Hotel and saw Catfish and the DJ's. They were excellent. Catfish used to be the drummer in Johnny O'Keefe's band.

This morning Ray Sharyn & I are going to Twin Towns for the British 60's Show done by the Chevrolets. At 2pm we have a dance workshop and tonight we are going to see a band called Sweet Rock, so another busy day.

I have not had my camera out for a while so have no photos but will try to remember to take some photos over the next few days.

Hope you are enjoying whatever it is that you are doing

Till next time

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