Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We are home...

We arrived home yesterday at about 2:30pm and Ray was a work at 3:45. It was a bit rushed but we got there. I dropped Ray off at work then went around to Cindy's to say hello and pick Daisy up. It was good to see them all again.

I collected the mail from the next door neighbour, a box full... so it took me some time to sort all that out.

My feet have not touched the ground today. I have done 3 loads of washing...where does it come from??? we washed everyday while we were away and I still had  so much to do today. Can't work it out really.

What a shemozzel with the airlines. Sharyn got home today with Virgin but Deb & Andre who are flying with Qantas will not be home until Thursday.

The last 3 days in Coolangatta were very enjoyable. Friday was exceptional weather wise, a beautiful day. I spent it having a beer at the Cooly and then perusing the rock n roll markets. In the evening we went to Twin Towns Stardust Room to see the Buddy Holly Show. A great show.

Saturday was quite a bit cooler and I spent the first 2 hours on the balcony of the Greenmount Surf Lifesaving Club with a heater, having a beer and listening to The Beach Boyz. They were fantastic. Unfortunately they did not have a CD but they were great. The rest of the day was spent walking around the streets listening to the bands as they played on the various street stages and another quick look at the markets just incase I missed something the first time. At 6pm we met up for pizza and to watch the car cruise and then off to Twin Towns for the Big Bopper meets the Big O Show in the stardust Room. Not a bad show but not my favourite.

Sunday was cold and wet so I was pretty happy that we had decided to spend the day at the Dance Competition. I just love watching the competitors dancing. They are so lively and the young ones are just sooooo smooth. I even won two raffle prizes. We had dinner at the Tweed Heads Bowls Club and stayed there listening to the band Route 66. We caught up with some friends we met while travelling around Australia and had a very pleasant night.

Tonight we are going to the Anzano Club to see The Party Cats.

I have not had an opportunity to upload my photos to my computer yet so will post them later on, although I must admit I have not taken many in Coolangatta at all.

Tomorrow I plan on spending some time doing a few of the things I have not been able to do for the past few weeks like scrapbooking, blog hopping etc

Anyway that is about it for today
Till next time

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