Thursday, December 29, 2011

It has been a hectic Christmas but a very relaxing few days since then. We went to Cindy's house at 9am for breakfast and present opening. Charli has asked all along that father christmas bring her a purple fairy dress a purple wand and a purple crown and this is what she is wearing here, right after she opened it.

When we had finished at Cindy's we drove to Stockport to have lunch at my nephew's place. Mum was with us and two of my sisters and all of their families were there. It was great to catch up with them all. My nephew has a snake he calls fluffy and Charli was quite intrigued with it. I was surprised though when she was quite happy to handle it and let it slide over her. Poppy, of course, was close on hand.

We left Mark's at about 6:30 then spent the evening watching a movie on telly. It was a great day. A bit of everything.

I have done very little today. I have tried on every top (not t shirts) and pair of slacks that I own and decided which ones fit properly and which ones I am not likely to wear again. This process took me over two hours. I was reasonably ruthless but my wardrobe is still way too overcrowded.

I have not made a new year's resolution as yet but I am thinking I should make one to buy only things I need and have an immediate use for, not just buy things because I like them and might use them one day.
That is certainly an interesting concept. I was thinking of buying an iPhone and an iPad before I go overseas next year, how would that fit into this resolution I wonder. I should certainly apply this thinking to my scrapbooking. Perhaps create two layouts from my stash and then one from new product.

Ray & I are going to Sydney tomorrow with 8 of our friends for New Years Eve. We are booked onto a boat cruise that is in the inclusion zone on Sydney harbour for dinner, drinks and fireworks. Can't wait.

Hope you have got some great plans for NYE.

Thanks for dropping by
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