Tuesday, March 27, 2012


A busy week again so far. Yesterday I did the normal running around jobs in the morning and some Photoshop work in the afternoon.

We had Charli overnight because Dave was in Melbourne for work and Cindy had Uni, and then we had her all day today of course. She is such a delight. I can not believe how well behaved she is.

Tonight I watched the final of MKR and was surprised to see the girls beat the boys. I was sure the boys would win but there you go. I think either of them are deserving of the win.

Tomorrow I am working with Ray doing a demo for the scooters and smart car. I am driving the smart car. I did not plan on doing this but they were short and asked if I would. Why not give it a go. I wouldn't have considered it if it was riding one of the scooters but I figure I should be able to drive a car with a little trailer behind it and lets face it Ray will be there too if I have any problems.

I have not done any scrapping so I am going to share a couple of layouts I did not long after I started scrapbooking. It's always surprising to look back at your early layouts and see how much your "style" has changed.

I made this mini album out of envelopes. It contains photos of Cindy & Charli. I gave it to Cindy. She did have it on here desk at work, not sure if it is still there.

WOW how much has Charli changed!!!!!

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