Friday, March 30, 2012

What a week we have had.

We set out to upgrade our computer and internet connection.

What a fiasco. We took our computer to the computer people at 9am Monday and got it back at 12:30 today. I don't know weather they just put other people in front of us or if they had a lot of trouble with it, which is what they say, but it should not have been there for all that time. We ended up having to buy a new CD ROM because they could not get the one that was in it to work even thought it was working fine when it left here. We wanted them to reformat the hard drive and reinstall the programs and drivers so that everything was fresh...... what a joke

Telstra was another major catastrophe... Ray complained to them that the speed was way too slow. They did something at the exchange and the speed went from 1.7 to 4.5. The person Ray spoke to at Telstra suggested we go onto ADSL2+ to get better speed. So we said yes. He signed us up for a $130 month bundle which included all our phone calls and 200gb of download on ADSL2+. This was $20 a month more than we were paying for a bundle which basically gave us the same phone deal and 25Gb of download. We were not worried about the bigger download limits because we never get anywhere near our limit anyway, we just wanted the faster speed. what the Telstra person omitted to tell us was that we were already on ADSL2+ anyway after a whole lot of frustrating time on the phone and about 30 phone calls Ray has finally got it sorted out, we have ended up with the bigger download for the price of our old plan but what a trying time. We have wasted a whole week on this. We have got our computer back and we have fixed all the small issues it had re screen resolution, missing drivers etc and the telstra thing was finalised this afternoon so hopefully that will be the end of it.

Ray and I were up early this morning so we took Daisy for a walk along the beach down at Grange.

It was a bit overcast but pleasant enough.

Off to take some photos of a layout I have finished
Till next time
Thanks for dropping by

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