Friday, June 22, 2012

It is 8:45pm here at the moment and it is raining. I am sitting under the verandah of the place that is supplying my wi-fi and feeling a bit damp and cold. We have had a good day today traveling around the south of England. The countryside is beautiful. Green and lush. The buildings are similar to what I am used to with the exception of the old buildings that are really quite exquisite. These photos are of the motor home I will be calling home for the next 25 days and the park we are staying at, which is the same place that Will will be shooting at while we are in this part of England I am freezing and that is all I am going to post tonight. I will be back tomorrow with more pictures and more news. I know tonight's news is very sparse but I will fill you in tomorrow. Thanks for looking Till tomorrow Cheers Julie

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