Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hi everyone A bit more detail about our travels yesterday. We travelled south to Chitchester through Guildford, Godalming, Haslemere. As I said yesterday the scenery was very good. This photo was taken through the windscreen of the van and you can see the raindrops. We called in at a pub and had lunch. It was a beautiful old English pub. This photo shows Anne and Will sitting waiting for their lunch to arrive. The main part of this pub was built in the 1700's Today we drove over to Aldershot and bought a sim card for my iPad so I don't have to sit out in the cold now to do my blog posts. We also organized to hire a car for the next 3 days so it is easier to get around and be able to stop more often. It is very hard to find places to park a big motor home. The roads are only two very narrow lanes wide and they are not wide enough to park the van on. We had lunch at another English pub today. This photo shows the outside This photo is of the Pavillion Hotel here on the rifle range. The building looks great I received an email from Helen this morning, it was good to hear from someone in Australia. Used my new sim card in my iPad to book our flights to Zurich. Saved quite a bit on the price quoted by the travel agent. The plan at the moment is to go to Bath and Stone Henge tomorrow, but plans change by the minute here. Till tomorrow Thanks for dropping by Cheers Julie

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