Thursday, July 26, 2012

Another great day of sightseeing today. We headed off at about 9:30am for Santa Maria which is the most easterly point of Switzerland.

The weather was very good although it did get a bit overcast later in the day and a light shower fell.

A sample of some of the scenery I saw today:-

A view of the village we stopped in to have lunch

We booked into a hotel called Hotel Liun in Mustair, which is about 5km further on past Santa Maria and about 2km from the Italian/Swiss boarder.

This is a picture of my room.

And my ensuite

The cost is 95 Swiss francs which is about 1:1 for Australian dollars at the moment, so not badly priced.

After we booked in we went for a bit of a walk around and came across a convent that is open to the public. It is a museum really. This is a photo of the paintings on the alter of the chapel.

Very quaint.

It is time to go down for dinner now
So till tomorrow
Thanks for dropping by

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