Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I am in Geneve today. We caught the train this morning from Dietlikon and got off in Neuchatel and had a walk around there for a couple of hours, then back on the train to Geneve.

We found a hotel for the night, put our gear in it and headed off to explore.

We walked to the lake and there was a boat about to leave for a cruise on the lake so we hopped on. We spent a leisurely hour on the lake sitting in the sun with a nice cool breeze.  One of the attractions of Geneve is that they have the highest fountain in the world, it sprouts up about 170 meters into the air.

When we got back we had a nice ice-cream and did a heap more walking around the town. There is so much to see. We have decided to spend the day here tomorrow as well. We were going to take the morning train to Zermatt and then go to Dietlikon from there but we need to spend more time here to see all the things we want to see.

I have charged my camera and I have photos to share with you tomorrow night  when we  get home.

That's it for today I'm afraid. Have had to buy an Internet card and I only have half an hour.
Till tomorrow
Thanks for dropping by

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