Sunday, July 29, 2012

I know I said I would not be posting tonight but the hotel Anne and I are staying at have free WiFi and I just happened to bring my iPad with me so here I go. Unfortunately I did not bring the cables to connect my camera to my iPad so there will not be any photos. Another problem is that I forgot to charge my camera battery so I am only able to take a very limited number of photos. What an idiot.

I have to tell you though I have found the place I want to retire to with Ray, Cindy and Charli. It is called Lugano and is in the south of Switzerland.

We took the Train from Dietlikon at 6:44am this morning, meaning I was up at 5:30AM, to Zurich. Then another train to Chur and then onto the Bernina Express. The Bernina Express took us through 55 tunnels, 196 bridges and viaducts covering 122 kilometers. The scenery was once again magnificent and the weather just about perfect except for a few showers while we were on the train.

We left the train at Tirano (Italy) and got on the Bernina Express bus to Lugano. What an experience, the roads are so narrow in some parts that the bus and a car can not pass so the driver had to blow his horn when he was approaching some corners to warn car drivers that he was coming. I can tell you he received a round of applause from us passengers on a couple of occasions for maneuvering his way around corners and past cars without causing any damage to them, us or the bus.

The scenery was once again magnificent. Lakes, mountains, old buildings that have been maintained and are still in use for everyday housing, shopping etc.
There was a bit of mist around the mountains and some clouds but it was beautiful just the same.

When we arrived we took the cable car to our hotel. The hotel is very nice and is right in the middle of town. Our room was renovated last winter so it is all nice and new. We went to a local restaurant for tea and then a walk to the lake. How magnificent!!! I am hoping my camera will last long enough tomorrow to get a photo to share with you tomorrow night.

We are back in our room now. Anne is reading and I am going to read as well for a while then a good nights sleep before we explore more of Lugano and then catch the train back to Dietlikon.

Till tomorrow
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