Friday, July 6, 2012

What a great day. The sun has shone all day today. We arrived at Bisley at about 11:30am and set up on our site. We then went shopping at Stainsburys and picked up what we needed. We then sat in the sun with our table and chairs and enjoyed the weather which was summer and plenty of sunshine. We had visitors from numerous members of the team and it was very pleasant to listen to all their stories of their lives. There was time to think about the dinner tonight, which Anne and Will didn't know about, we decided to stay at home and have left overs from the previous two nights? I don't have any photos for you today as I have enjoyed the day as it happened and did not have my camera with me Long live the Engish summer. The sunshine was something we had not seen for sometime and it was glorious. I loved it. Hope to see more of it in the next few days. Will is cooking the leftovers for tea and unfortunately it is not going so well!! A lot of swearing coming from the kitchen at the moment!!!! Till tomorrow Thanks for dropping by Cheers Julie

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