Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Well the last two days have been very relaxing.

On Monday Anne and Will went to their friends wedding. I caught the train into Zurich and bought some gifts for Anne and Will and Madeaine and Heiny for all they have done for me during this holiday. It rained while I was in there and I did get a bit wet even though I had my umbrella. It was not cold though and I was dry withing 15 minutes of the rain stopping.

Today we went to a shop to buy a bell for my cow. I want to replace the ball that hangs from my cows neck with a bell.

After we had lunch we went to the thermal baths at Bad Zurzach and spent a leisurely hour or so soaking and getting the equivelant of a great massage.

So as you can see I am completely relaxed and ready for the train trip to Bern that Anne and I are going to take tomorrow.

Off to bed now
So till tomorrow
Thanks for dropping by

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