Thursday, September 20, 2012

I am not even going to say it....time flies and life is busy

I cannot even remember what has happened since my last post, there has been so much.

These are a few things I can remember:-

Mum came to stay for 4 days and we went to the Royal Adelaide Show.

A couple of sleepovers for Charli

Held our annual Pink and Purple rock n Roll fundraiser for Deaf CanDo

Checked out a house Cindy is interested in buying

Anne and Debra (sisters) came over from Port Lincoln for the City to Bay and I spent a couple of days catching up with them

Victor Harbour Rock n Roll festival took another day.

Go through wardrobe in spare room see what fits and what I will wear. Give the rest to St Vinnies

Sort through whole wardrobe for suitable cotton clothes to take to Cambodia/Vietnam.

Go shopping with Ray so he could buy some suitable clothes for our holiday

Hang all the pictures that have been waiting to be hung since we moved in 7.5 years ago

Annual visit to Accountant to get our tax returns done.

Preparing a layout and writing Requirements list and Instructions for this Saturdays class at Camelot

That is about as far as my memory goes.

I don't have any photos to share today. I have not finished page 2 of my art course as yet but I am hoping to get some time for that tomorrow.

Some thoughts:-
Outside my window it is a beautiful sunny day.

I am thinking we are going to dancing lessons tonight and I will see most of the people we are going away with. What questions do I need to get answers for.

I am thankful for my good life

I am wearing jeans and a top

I am going to have a very relaxing day tomorrow just playing around with some arty stuff

I am currently Reading Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy. I started reading this when I was in Switzerland and have not even looked at it since I got back. Will have to start all over again to get back into the story.

I am pondering Cindy's housing choices

I am hoping she is having a great time in Phuket and comes back all ready to pack her house up as she has to be out of it by 26th October

I am creating not as much as I would like but I like what I am creating.

On my, Cindy, Charli, Ray's new computer

From the kitchen..nothing. Not my favourite room and I don't spend a lot of time in it.

Around the house.. I bought 4 new sets of draws to keep my scrapbooking stuff in, then had to clean out a cupboard to keep them in. Very happy with them though. Lots of space for papers and embellishments

One of my favourite things..Crown Mints. At the moment I just have a craving for them and can't stop eating them till they are all gone. I shouldn't buy them but I can't stop myself

A few plans for the rest of the week... Arty stuff tomorrow, scrapbooking at Camelot on Saturday, some dancing Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.

Well if you have made it this far you are doing very well.

I will be back soon I hope with some photos of what I have created using the info in my She Had Three Hearts Course.

Starting to get a bit excited now, just under 2 weeks until we leave. Yipee!!!!

Anyway, thanks for dropping by
Till next time

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