Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sooo the challenge is on.......

Last Thursday we went to dancing lessons and one of our friends was there who has been reducing her weight. When I saw her Thursday, as I had not seen her for a few weeks, the weight loss was so evident. She has lost 21kg and is looking fantastic.

I immediately felt dissappointed that I have not been doing anything lately to help my weight loss along, so in the car on the way home I decided that the time has come to get back into it. Also I agreed to do the City to Bay Fun Run with my two sisters next year so I need to start training for that.

I have lost 15kg over the last couple of years but I would like to loose another 3 - 5kg.

On friday morning and every morning since I have spent 30 minutes walking at 5.5 k.p.h on my treadmill. Today I have also vacumned the whole house and taken Daisy for a walk. Ray usually does these jobs but he is working 8 hours a day for the next 9 days so I thought I would do them for him. Any exercise is good right!!!

Have been busy making birthday cards. Haven't finished yet but will share when I have

Off to do a bit of shopping now.

Till next time
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