Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hi...It has been about three weeks since my last post and just like everyone else I wonder where the time has gone. When did life get so busy that it all seems like a big blur.

We have been to Whyalla for 5 days at the beginning of November to visit Mum and celebrate my youngest sisters 50th birthday.

Rushed back to Adelaide on Sunday (4th November) morning for Ray to DJ at the Adelaide Rock and Roll Clubs Muster on Sunday afternoon, it is part of their annual Rock and Roll Festival which goes for 10 days. The following Tuesday we went to the Club Night and on the Wednesday night we went to the British to see the Greg Hart show, "Me and my Guise", Ray DJ'd here as well. What a great show, Greg is very good at what he does, so is Ray.

On Friday of that week Cindy and I joined a couple of my sisters for a weekend get-together and catch up. We had a fantastic time. Came home about lunchtime on Sunday in time to attend the final event for the Rock and Roll Festival which is a day at Sunnybrea with 9 bands, dance floors and lots of friends. I could not have asked for a better weekend.

This week we spent some time at Cindy's new house on Monday fitting a dog door and returning her "stuff" that she had stored in our shed while she was trying to sell her house. Tuesday of course we spent the day with Charli. I am always astounded at how good she is. A joy to have around. Wednesday Ray went out for the day with his mates doing "car" stuff so I had the day to myself. Cant remember what I did with the time but it soon went.

Each year I make a calendar for my Mum which shows all the birthdays. I order it through Snapfish. I spent all day and night on Thursday compiling the calendar ready to be printed. I give one of the calendars to each of my siblings for christmas, it has become a christmas tradition now and several of my sisters get extra ones for their children. I had to order 18 this year.

Friday I spent the day going through all the photos I took in Cambodia and Vietnam on our recent holiday. I have picked out 117 to have printed and have ordered the prints. Several people have asked to see photos from the holiday so Brian has asked that we each choose 100 of our photos and we will put them together for a "slide" show one night and anyone who is interested in seeing them can come and have a look.

Here are a few of my photos, I will share them in small amounts over the next few weeks.

This photo is at Ta Prohm Temple (Siem Reap Cambodia)

These next photos are of our cabin on the Jahan. We spent 7 nights on this boat cruising through Cambodia and Vietnam. Very relaxing. Each day we had 2 excursions to see how the locals live and exist. Some of it was very good and some of it was quite confronting.

Some of the "better" housing in Cambodia. We stopped at this village to see their silversmithing skills.
I bought a nice silver bracelet.

At Wat Hanchey. Where the 300 odd steps were that I showed in a previous post. This is part of the village/monastery that is at the top of the stairs.

A monument at Wat Hanchey

Ray and I with the Mekong River in the background looking out from Wat Hanchey

Well that is it for today
Normally I would be at Camelot this afternoon teaching a scrapbooking class but all of my ladies are busy today so I am going to use the time to do some Art Journalling and some scrapbooking as I will be home alone tonight as well because Ray is DJ'ing at a birthday party.

I am looking forward to having some nice quiet creative time.

Till next time
Thanks for dropping by

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