Saturday, November 24, 2012

It is Saturday night and we are at home!!!! Cindy is away for the night and we have Charli.
We took her to Semaphore and had fish and chips on the beach for tea then she went for a swim. She is a real girl and does not like to walk on the sand, the smell of the sea or swim in sea water so we thought our visit would be a short one. Wrong...she ate her tea, walked over the sand to the water and got in the water to play around then walked back over the sand. It was past 9 by the time we got home, had her showered and in bed. The poor little thing was so tired she could not stay awake for a bedtime story.

I have got some more photos to share with you tonight.

These first 4 were taken at "The Killing Fields". I do not understand how one person can kill another person but to see killings of this magnitude turns ones stomach. Not only were they killing human beings but they were fellow country men. The signs tell the story of what happened here. There are none of the original buildings left standing.

This view is of Phnom Penh from the boat. Phnom Penh was completely deserted during the Pol Pot reign. He gave the resident 2 hours to pack their belongings and get out of the city.

These next photos were taken in Chou Duc.

Another ride in a Tuktuk. Slightly different style to the previous one we had been on and not as comfortable.

Everyone over their rides scooters. The most people we saw on one scooter riding down the road was 5. It was an education to see what they managed to carry on these small bikes. Not only are they their personal transport but they use them as delivery truck and transporters to get their good to market. We saw them with crates of chickens, piglets and all sorts of things piled so high you had to wonder how they stayed there. Walking across the road was an experience. There are no gaps so you just step off the footpath and walk at a steady pace across the road and all the traffic goes around you. It takes a step of faith the first few times you have to do it but if you don't you would stay on the wrong side of the road all day.

A nice tidy little area on the river bank.

The tuktuk procession on the right taking us for a tour of the town. Typical shops/residences on the left. This is a quiet village hence the lack of traffic

This is a fish farm. The family also live on this floating building. They grow Basa fish and if you had visited here you would never eat basa again, just like I won't.

The fish in the pens. Disgusting.

Some of the floating houses along the river bank. I was fascinated by the number of TV antennae. They were everywhere.

Well that is it for tonight
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