Sunday, February 3, 2013

Just a quick post today

One of my sisters came over to visit for a couple of days so I had fun shopping and catching up with her.

Charli started school on Thursday. The end of an era for Ray and I, no more Charli Tuesdays. We will still be picking her up from school on a Tuesday and taking her to her piano lessons so will still get to see her during the week for a couple of hours.

She looked so cute in her school uniform. Here she is sitting at her table in her classroom. At the moment when you say smile she pulls this face, can't wait till she gets out of that habit.

She enjoyed her first day and I think she will settle in well. She just loves doing and learning things.

Friday night we had friends around to look at our photos from our Cambodia/Vietnam holiday. We had all taken so many photos that we had to cull them to 100 photos per couple. It was a great evening, reliving the holiday, and the friends that did not come on the holiday seemed to enjoy the photos as well.

I taught my scrapbooking class at Camelot on Saturday and both Ray and I were so tired in the evening that we decided to stay home.

This afternoon we are going to Port Adelaide to listen to a band and have a few drinks and a bit of dancing. Should be nice as the weather here is just perfect.

My tomato plant is progressing beautifully. Lots of tomatoes on it, can't wait for them to ripen.

I went to Camelot this morning and spent the voucher that my sister gave me for my birthday. Got some new stencils, pan pastels, cutting dies for my Big Shot and all sorts of other things. Very enjoyable.

That's it for this post
Thanks for dropping by
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